So, you want to learn how to make games?

Tutorials on this website will help you to start in game development. This game tutorials are for making 2D games. For coding is used java programing language.
If you don't know how to program, look at this short tutorials on java programming language.
First I will introduce you a game framework that we will use. Then we will make some games.
This site contains tutorials for Java and Android games.
I hope that this game tutorial will help you to start in game development.

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Java game framework

In this tutorial I will present a basic game flow and a game framework that I've made and that we will use for making java games.
It’s good to have a well organized framework so that the code is readable and that you can easier found what you are looking for.

Game framework classes

Keyboard input - Moon lander

In this java tutorial you will learn how to get keyboard input and moving the object based on that input.
We will make a game with the goal to land the rocket on the landing area as fast as possible.

Moon lander game screenshot

Mouse input - Shoot the duck

In this java tutorial you will learn how to get mouse input.
The goal of this game will be to kill as many ducks as possible before 200 ducks runaway.

Shoot the duck game screenshot

Animation - Helicopter Bettle

In this java tutorial you will learn how to make animations e.g. explosions and how to move background image in a loop e.g. clouds.
For this tutorial I made a game with a goal to destroy as many enemy helicopters as you can with a limited ammo.

Helicopter Battle game screenshot

JInput Joystick Test

Here is the program written in Java for testing joysticks.
In this article I will explain where to put JInput API files.

JInput Joystick Test

More Java and Android game tutorials

When I will have some more time I will make tutorial for sound, joystick and make some more Java and Android games and put them with a source code on this website.